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      How do we produce and control our product quality !

      Our company uses special NC processing equipment for lower valve body processing, which has the advantages of high production efficiency, precise processing dimension and less manual consumption. It can shorten the production cycle and reduce the occurrence of product quality problems. Among them, NC lathe and special tooling are used for inner seal width and angle in valve body sealing and valve plate sealing processing. The degree and the width and angle of the valve plate are unified. Compared with the traditional machine tool processing technology, our production efficiency is more than five times higher, and the dimensional accuracy of processing is also much higher. 2. We inspect the sealing of the lower valve body 100% before the inner seal is processed. If there is leakage, we will weld it to avoid the influence of high temperature caused by welding repair on the sealing deformation of the valve body. The principle of welding repair is to weld the inner part of the valve body as far as possible, so as to reduce the impact of welding repair on the appearance. 3. Hand-surfacing stainless steel wear-resistant layer is used for inner seal of valve body. The special surfacing electrode for sealing surface of D507Mo valve is used for welding electrode, which can ensure that the sealing surface of valve will not be damaged in long-term use. 3. DN150 to DN300 Valve Body and Valve Plate Processing Zone: We will test 100% of all valves.

      Painting line

      Our company adopts more advanced domestic spray painting pipeline equipment, the advantage is that the spray painting pipeline saves 20% of the traditional spray painting pipeline, and increases the output by 30%.


      The automatic carbon and sulphur analyzer and automatic silicon manganese phosphorus grader adopted by our company can quickly and accurately analyze the chemical composition of molten steel to ensure the qualified material before the molten steel is discharged from the furnace. We have a detailed and complete record of the test results, according to customer needs, at any time can issue a chemical test report of products;
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